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Careers in TAQ 

‘The TAQ Organization’ offers exciting and challenging careers with competitive pay, excellent benefits and exceptional advancement opportunities. Regular training courses and further education enhancement programs ensure a high professional standard amongst the employees. The organization cares about its people and provides them a relaxed and enriching work environment.


TAQ’s distinctive culture binds its people together by common values of observing rules and regulations, following the principles, do’s and don’ts and guidelines to vouchsafe the paramount interest of its customers. Another characteristic of TAQ is that it is truly a national organization with its workforce represented by all provinces and communities of Pakistan. 

Equal Opportunity, Career Progression and Job Satisfaction

TAQ maintains a policy of non-discrimination towards all employees and applicants for employment. All aspects of employment are governed by merit, competence, suitability and qualifications and are not influenced in any manner by gender, age, race, color, national origin or disability.


Equal opportunity is provided to all team members for enhancing their skills and careers, enabling them to effectively cope with challenges in professional and personal lives for sustained growth and development of customers’ business and that of TAQ.


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